Monday, November 8, 2010

Down & Dirty exhibit 3: Perry Kulper Drawings

The drawings of renowned theoretical architect Perry Kulper have challenged the scope of architecture within the past thirty years.  His thematic drawings are imaginative visualizations of the growth and expanse of a field that is always searching for the next form of representation.  His key concepts are translated through a process of five non-architectural, architectural drivers including: culture, situational, disciplinary, institutional and personal ambitions.  Although by looking at Kulper's work, you may categorize his drawings as not being architecture, the construct and painstaking process in which he endures hundreds of hours and thousands of iterations might just be the credibility of his effort. Driven by space and the visualization of it, Kulper's approach to architecture is anti-architecture.  This allows for the assembly of spaces within spaces that don't exist.  They challenge the traditional stigma that architecture is publically exposed to and allows the profession to officially border the line of science and art.